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Noir Fiction & Vintage Crime

in progress Nigel Balchin: Mine Own Executioner Fredric Brown: The Screaming Mimi Gerald Butler: Kiss the Blood Off My Hands Vera Caspary: Bedelia Laura James Hadley Chase: No Orchids for Miss Blandish There’s a Hippie on the Highway Elliott Chaze: … Continue reading


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L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories (Rockstar Games)

One of the features I really like about the Kindle (apart from the free classics) is the way stories, novellas, and novels not published anywhere else find their way onto this device. Example: I came across L.A. Noire: The Collected … Continue reading


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Jim Thompson Noir Fest 2011

The Jim Thompson Noir Fest begins May 1, 2011. Here are the books I’ll be reading: The Killer Inside Me (1952) Savage Night (1953) A Swell-Looking Babe (1954) A Hell of a Woman (1954) The Getaway (1959) The Grifters (1963) … Continue reading


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Your Ticket is No Longer Valid by Romain Gary

“In this respect we are rather backward in France; a certain lack of persistence and determination causes us to lose out in the race for pleasure. It’s different in the United States. There people band together, organize group therapy sessions, … Continue reading


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You’ll Die Next! by Harry Whittington

“Look at me. I did one exciting thing in all my life. I married you. That’s all. And it looks like the excitement hasn’t even begun yet.” You can’t read vintage crime without coming across the name Harry Whittington (1915-1989), … Continue reading


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Chance by Kem Nunn

“The essential feature of a shared psychotic disorder (folie à deux) is a delusion that develops in an otherwise healthy individual who is involved in a close relationship with another person (sometimes termed the “inducer” or “the primary case”) who already … Continue reading


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The Master of Knots by Massimo Carlotto

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a fan of Italian author Massimo Carlotto. If you want to read some of the finest Italian crime fiction written, then seek out Death’s Dark Abyss or The Goodbye Kiss–both books offer views … Continue reading


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You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up by Richard Hallas

“And I knew there was something I had to do and something I had to wait for, and it wasn’t till I saw it that I knew.” Richard Hallas was the pseudonym for Eric Knight (1897-1943)–the man who created the … Continue reading


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2013: It’s a Wrap

2013 draws to an end. This post, featuring my best of 2013, has existed in draft form for a couple of months now while I chewed over my choices. And here’s the final list–the best of the books I read: … Continue reading


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Lady Afraid by Lester Dent

While American author Lester Dent (1904-1959) is best remembered for his Doc Savage novels, he tackled a number of pulp genres, including, of course, crime. Lady Afraid was published in 1948.  This is the story of a young, widowed career woman … Continue reading


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