A Hero of Our Time (film)

I mention film from time to time, so I add here a link to an excerpt of the 2006 film version A Hero of Our Time. This youtube clip depicts the duel scene, and it’s a spectacular cinematic recreation. Sadly the film is still only available in Russian but this clip does include English subtitles:


On an aside, while the duel between Pechorin and Grushnitski took place next to a precipice, Lermontov’s real life duel did not.

Max, over at Pechorin’s Journal, this one’s for you….


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3 responses to “A Hero of Our Time (film)

  1. That is spectacular, thank you.

    I’d love to see the whole film. I guess I’ll just have to learn Russian…

    Could take a while.

  2. Not enough Russian films get translated IMO. There are several out there that I’d love to see. Of course, there’s no distributor either. Such a nuisance.

  3. I’ve heard that the film is close to the book, so I might just watch it in Russian anyway.

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