Max Barry–one of my favourite Australians

When I checked my e-mail this morning, there was a very funny note from Australian author, Max Barry sitting in my inbox. No, I don’t know him personally, but a few years ago, I did sign up via his website to get Max by e-mail. I’ve read all of Max’s novels–not that there have been that many. In fact there haven’t been enough. To date: Syrup, Company, and Jennifer Government. There’s also Machine Man–a serial written by Max which appeared a page a day on his website. Well to be honest five pages a week as to quote Max: “because I need a break, man.” To give you the details, up to page 43 is free and then after that to continue the subscription costs $6.95.

Anyway, this is just one of the reasons that I like Max Barry because he thinks outside of the friggin box.

Another reason I like Max is his sense of humour, of course, and his latest e-mail did cheer me up this morning. It’s a wonderful idea for authors to have their own blogs, and Max Barry is a perfect example of how much one author can do with a simple website. He’s built quite a fan base, he connects directly with his readers, and he’s one of the plebs. There is no snobbery and no patronising here. Just Max going through life pretty much the same way we do. 

Max’s latest e-mail, complete with his trademark unassuming humour, announced another baby on the way. Congrats Max. Keep those e-mails coming.



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4 responses to “Max Barry–one of my favourite Australians

  1. A completely new author to me so I am now going to look him up. I enjoyed his concept of a “placeholder” name for an unborn child.

  2. Of the novels, Syrup and Company are my favourites. Syrup was the first one I read and it was out of print at the time. I had to hunt down a copy and I was not disappointed. It is really very, very funny. I liked it so much I bought about a dozen copies for Xmas and spread them around. This created another dozen fans.

    George Clooney (or his company) bought the film rights to Jennifer Government and this brought a lot more attention to Max, but unfortunately the film plans fizzled and it was never made. Now someone else wants to make a film of Machine Man, so we will see….

  3. You have amazed me. I have never heard of Max Barry. How can that be? I must check him out, but truly, Guy, you have floored me!

  4. I think you have a lot to look forward to as Max Barry has a great sense of humour. His books have given me a lot of laughs.

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