The Back Story to the Lost James Cain Novel

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the discovery and upcoming 2o12 publication of a James M. Cain novel. Thrilling news for fans. Last night, thanks to The Rap Sheet’s newsletter, I got the back story to just how this novel was found. Here’s an interview conducted by author Duane Swierczynski on his Secret Dead blog with Charles Ardai, founder of Hard Case Crime.

I read Swierczynski’s book Fun and Games a few months back–it’s the first of a three-parter about Hollywood Starwhackers. I’ll be reading part II, Hell and Gone soon.


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7 responses to “The Back Story to the Lost James Cain Novel

  1. leroyhunter

    Funny that, rather then needing extensive sleuthing, it was a chance conversation with his own agent that did the trick. He’s teasing us by not really talking about what the book is about, if it’s any good etc.

    Great find though. I must pick up Serenade some time.

  2. Ever read The Butterfly?

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