Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to German Literature Month 11/11

I can be a real party pooper, but for some mad reason, I’ve decided to join in with the German Literature month in November formulated by co-hosts Caroline and Lizzy. This will get me motivated to read some of the titles that have been gathering dust on my shelf. Here’s the German Literature Reading Month schedule:

Week 1 (Nov 1 -7) German Literature

Week 2  (Nov 8-14) Crime Fiction

Week 3  (Nov 15 – 21) From Austria and Switzerland 

Week 4 (Nov 22-28) Kleist and Other German Classics

Week 5  (Nov 29-30) Read As You Please and Wrap Up

I can’t promise to stick to the schedule as I have many other commitments, but here are my choices:

Man of Straw : Heinrich Mann (yes, it’s been made into a film–The Kaiser’s Lackey)

Elective Affinities: Goethe (yes another film)

The Duel: Kleist

Then it gets vague…. Something written by Doris Dorrie (one of my favourite film directors)

And I’d like to toss in some Adelbert Stifter and Arthur Schnitzler while I’m at it under the Austrian section


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15 responses to “Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to German Literature Month 11/11

  1. Thanks you so much for joining and the post as well. I’ve read Goethe more than once (although I’m really not a re-reader). It’s his book I like best, apart from some of the plays. I will probably also read The Duel, some Kleist in any case. Schnitzler would make another movie – Eyes Wide Shut – if Traumnovelle is the one you were going for. The novella is nothing like the movie.
    You don’t need to stick to the schedule… We are glad to have you join.
    I wasn’t aware Dörrie was translated. I like her books.

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  3. Thanks for getting me inspired. I didn’t have to buy any books for this–I will simply read the things I’ve already got. I have three Dorrie books on the shelf–not sure which one I’ll pick.
    It was Elective Affinities or The German Refugees.

  4. I didn’t have to buy any either but did so anyway, of course. I will not be able to read or review them… It’s really just a month… I’ll post a Qual der Wahl (the torture of choice) list soon …

  5. leroyhunter

    I have Michael Koolhaas on the shelf, so I might read that soon in honour of the project.

    Interesting what you say about the Schnitzler, Caroline. When I read it I thought the inspiration for Kubrick’s movie was quite clear, and I was surprised at the number of written episodes that featured on screen. That said, Kubrick (and Raphael) elaborate a number of other incidents that are not in the book.

    • Leroy, even though you have no blog, you are welcome to participate in the giveaways. We will start next week or so. Wednesdays. One week on Lizzy’s, one week on my blog.

  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve several German authors on my TBR shelf. If I’m not swallowed alive by Murakami’s IQ84 at the end of the month, I’m going to join in.

  7. Same thing here, I have problems with some comment form’s on blogspot.
    cbjames’ is one of them.

  8. @cbjames, if you decide to join, please levea a comment on my or Lizzy’s blog and I can include you in the participants list.

  9. I’m curious to read your review of the Goethe.

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