Matador Serial by Ray Banks: A Novel Idea

Partly because I’m a fan of Ray Banks, and partly because I want to see how this plays out, I signed up for MATADOR: a 7-part serial available on the kindle. Total cost: $1.99. Beginning on November 20th 2012, one episode out of seven will be published, and the subsequent six episodes will be sent in two-week intervals. Subscribers receive e-mail notification when each new episode is available.

According to Amazon, episode one is 55 pages and the blurb says this:

A man wakes in a shallow grave next to a corpse to find himself shot, amnesiac and in deep trouble. Meanwhile, an expat drug runner finds out that he’s not the killer he thought he was.

In some ways this has been done before. I’m thinking of the Cornhill Magazine which in 1860 (according to some sources) began featuring the works of many notable writers in serial form, but the reading of novels in carefully parcelled out sections has been passé for years. The world of the ‘printed word’ is changing, and here’s someone grabbing an opportunity in the new still-shifting paradigm. Perhaps I’m easy to please, but I can’t help but be excited about this new serial. Since e-readers open up worlds of possibilities for readers and writers, will we see more of these in the future?

Watch this space…


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10 responses to “Matador Serial by Ray Banks: A Novel Idea

  1. Brian Joseph

    I think that it is very neat that the very old idea of the serial story is presented in this modern format. The price is also right! I am tempted to buy into this.

  2. This is great. I like this type of exploring new possibilities.

    • This is the first time I’ve seen this for the kindle, Caroline. There may be others out there doing the same thing.

      • I’ve heard about an uncanny story in Denmark. An author sent his novel in small bits via text messages on the phone, readers could subscribe and were then sent the installments. It’s a crime story and by the time it started they thought they were being stalked and went to the police. I saw this on a Danish bloggers site. Quite funny.

  3. I think it’s a great concept. It worked for Dickens after all. That said, the HP Lovecraft story that was written in serial installments (Herbert West: Reanimator) is shockingly bad mostly because it has SUDDEN DRAMATIC DEVELOPMENTS every couple of pages that then turn out not to be so dramatic after all a page later.

    • Good point. I’m thinking that MATADOR must already be finished, so with any luck it’ll be divided in the right places. The first part is 55 pages, so at seven installments, this may end up being 300 plus pages.

  4. I like this idea very much – but I can’t find it on the Kindle store – unless you’re registered on rather than ? I look forward to reading your experiences with it – let’s hope its all written and ready to be delivered and that he’s not making it up as he goes along (but perhaps Dickens did this)

  5. I missed this post, I wonder why.

    This is a great idea, I love it. Imagine if they started to send Balzac like this, in its original form? The episodes could be serialised (is that a word?) at the same pace as in the newspaper when it was first published.

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