Bah Humbook: Virtual Book Exchange 2012

Last year, Emma and I held a virtual book gift exchange. It was simple: we each selected 4 books as “Xmas gifts,” and then announced our virtual gifts on Xmas Day. Since this is a cyberspace world, for practical reasons, of course we didn’t actually buy these books for each other, but I bought the ones Emma selected for me, and she bought the ones I’d selected for her. Any excuse to buy more books, right? A few other bloggers mentioned that this was a good idea, so this year we decided to let others join the party. So here’s the deal:

1) If you are a blogger who wants to participate, leave a comment below saying “yes, I’m in” or words along those lines and include the name of the blogger you’d like to “virtual gift.” Since Emma and I sometimes share commenters, you may, instead, leave a comment on Emma’s blog post–I won’t be offended.

2) On December 1, 2012, comments will be closed at which point Emma and I will compile a list of participants with links to their blogs.

4) On December 25th, each participating blogger publishes a post which includes the titles of the two books selected for the virtual gift recipient.

5) To add to the fun, Emma and I will jointly select one virtual book for each participant.

Since this is a virtual gift, for practical reasons, each participant buys the books selected for them. So if you are participating, keep in mind cost and availability for the person you chose. Does the person you selected have a kindle? Sometimes books are not available in English or in all countries. I, for one, have noted the high price of Aussie books–new and OOP.

Fine print:

This is supposed to be fun, so if you don’t want to read the book selected, or if you’ve read it before, then assign the selection to the virtual charity box. Perhaps the gift-giver has a back up title in mind.

If you’re selected more than once (you popular thing, you) and can’t envision reading all the virtual gifts, then perhaps try selecting and reading one book from each gift-giver.



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17 responses to “Bah Humbook: Virtual Book Exchange 2012

  1. It is a funy idea as I just wrote on Emma’s blog.
    I wish you a lot of participants.

  2. acommonreaderuk

    I am tempted – very tempted. But I have so many books waiting to be read and some I’m really looking forward to.

  3. Brian Joseph

    I was chosen over at Emma’s blog. Thanks for organizing Guy! This should be fun!

  4. I have still not gotten it completely, if I sign up I choose the person I give two virtual books to but that doesn’t mean that I will have to read anything? I cannot choose the person who should pick books for me?

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