Bam Humbook 2012

HumbookIt’s December the first and time to get things rolling for the Virtual Book Gift Giving Extravaganza. So here’s the line up for those few brave souls who decided ‘what the hell’:

Himadri who hangs out at The Argumentative Old Git selected Brian from Babbling Books.

Lisa and Tony will be exchanging books. This will be interesting….will they stick with books from Down Under?

Emma and I decided to pick on select Tom from A Common Reader, so we’ll pick two books for him. In addition, we will choose one book for each participant, and since this is all about give and take, Emma and I will also select two books for each other.  All selections will be announced Xmas day.

Thanks to everyone who decided to take a chance and join in.



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2 responses to “Bam Humbook 2012

  1. Brian Joseph

    Thanks for organizing this Guy. It really is a great idea.

  2. Hi Guy and Humbook Copinautes,

    Following a conversation on Twitter, we have now two new participants:
    Stu from Winston’s Dad will be paired with Sue from Whispering Gums.

    Great news!

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