Bah! Humbook 2013

HumbookWell here it is Xmas morning 2013 and it’s time for the virtual book exchange.

For Emma from Book Around the Corner.

I had a difficult time narrowing the choices down to just two, but in the end (on Xmas morning), I selected these two:

Straight Man by Richard Russo

No Beast So Fierce by Edward Bunker

For Brian from Babbling Books:

Brian likes his books to contain a bit of philosophy to chew over so…

Victor Hugo’s Ninety-Three

The Plague by Albert Camus

For Lisa from ANZ Litlovers Litblog:

For Lisa’s love of French culture:

La Première Gorgée de Bière et Autres Plaisirs Minuscules by Philippe Delerm

For Stu from Winston’s Dad:

Stu likes books in translation, and as he’s read this author before, he should really like this one (we hope it gives you a few laughs)

All Yours by Claudia Piñeiro

Merry Xmas to all my readers!


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8 responses to “Bah! Humbook 2013

  1. Great choice Guy I’ve a copy of this in my tbr so will start it straight after Lisa choice that I also had merry Christmas to you

  2. Thanks Stu: it’s still Xmas morning here, so I’m behind everyone else. I think All Yours is the best of her three novels that I’ve read.

  3. Happy Christmas, Guy.
    Thanks for the two books. I love Russo and I haven’t read that one. I need to decide if I’ll read it in French or in English.
    The Bunker seems fascinating.

  4. gaskella

    Merry Christmas Guy – have a great time. I loved that Russo, hope Emma does too.(Only one of your picks I have though).

  5. Merry Christmas Guy – Thanks for including me. These are great choices. Though I have already read The Plague it is a great choice and it is due for a read so I plan to do so and blog about it soon.

    Have a happy New Year!

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