Golden Age of Detective Fiction

Margery Allingham:

The Crime at Black Dudley

George Bellairs:

Death of a Busybody

Christianna Brand:

Green for Danger

John Bude:

The Cheltenham Square Murder

The Cornish Coast Murder

The Lake District Murder

The Sussex Downs Murder

Death on the Riviera

Death Makes a Prophet

Miles Burton:

Death in the Tunnel

The Secret of High Eldersham

John Dickson Carr:

Castle Skull

Till Death Do Us Part

Edmund Crispin:

The Glimpses of the Moon

The Moving Toyshop

Freeman Wills Crofts:

Antidote to Venom

The Hog’s Back Mystery

The 12:30 From Croydon

J. Jefferson Farjeon:

Mystery in White

The Z Murders

Thirteen Guests

Mavis Doriel Hay:

Death on the Cherwell

Murder Underground

The Santa Klaus Murder

Richard Hull:

The Murder of My Aunt

C.H.B Kitchin:

The Death of My Aunt (1929)

E.C.R. Lorac:

And Then Put Out the Light

Bats in the Belfry

Fire in the Thatch

Murder by Matchlight

Alan Melville

Death of Anton

Weekend at Thrackley

Raymond Postgate:

Verdict of Twelve

Anthony Rolls:

Family Matters


Rowland John:

Calamity in Kent

Murder in the Museum

Christopher St John Sprigg:

Death of an Airman

Wynne, Anthony:

Murder of a Lady