Noir Fiction & Vintage Crime

in progress

Black wings has my angel

Clifton Adams:

Death’s Sweet Song(1955)

Whom Gods Destroy(1953)

Nigel Balchin:

Mine Own Executioner(1945)

Fredric Brown:

The Screaming Mimi(1949)

Gerald Butler:

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands(1940)

Vera Caspary:



The Lady in Mink(1946)

The Man who Loved his Wife(1966)

Stranger than Truth(1946)

Raymond Chandler:

Killer in the Rain(1935)

James Hadley Chase:

No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1939)

The Dead Stay Dumb (1941)

But A Short Time to Live (1951)

The Things Men Do (1953)

A Coffin from Hong Kong (1962)

There’s a Hippie on the Highway (1970)

Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead (1976)

James M. Cain:

The Cocktail Waitress(posthumous 2012)

The Magician’s Wife(1965)

Elliott Chaze:

Black Wings Has My Angel(1953)

Celia Dale:

A Helping Hand (1966)

Act of Love (1969)

A Dark Corner (1971)

Helping With Inquiries  (1979)

Sheep’s Clothing (1988)

Richard Deming:

Kiss and Kill (1960)

Lester Dent:

Lady Afraid(1948)

Philip Dick:

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland(completed 1960)

Celia Fremlin:

Appointment With Yesterday (1972)

The Hours Before Dawn (1958)

Listening in the Dusk (1990)

King of the World (1994)

Possession (1969)

Uncle Paul(1959)

Erle Stanley Gardner:

The Knife Slipped(1939)

Turn on the Heat(1940)

The Count of 9(1958)

Martin Goldsmith:


David Goodis:

The Burglar(1953)

Dark Passage(1946)


William Lindsay Gresham:

Nightmare Alley (1946)

Richard Hallas:

You Play the Black and Red Comes Up(1938)

Mike Heller:

So I’m a Heel(1957)

Geoffrey Homes:

Build My Gallows High(1946)

Dorothy Hughes:

The Expendable Man(1963)

Ride the Pink Horse(1946)

Gerald Kersh:

Night and the City(1938)

Prelude to a Certain Midnight(1947)

Sherwood King:

If I Die Before I Wake(1938)

Jonathan Latimer:

Solomon’s Vineyard(1941)

The Lady in the Morgue (1936)

Ira Levin:
A Kiss Before Dying (1953)

Horace McCoy:

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1948)

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?(1935)

I Should Have Stayed Home(1938)

William P. McGivern:

The Big Heat(1953)

Ross Macdonald:

The Moving Target: Lew Archer 1 (1949)

The Drowning Pool (1950)

Meet Me at the Morgue (1953)

The Zebra Striped Hearse (1962)

Margaret Millar:

Ask for Me Tomorrow (1976)

Beast in View(1955)

The Listening Walls(1959)

Vanish in an Instant (1952)

Richard Prather:

Case of the Vanishing Beauty(1950)

Strip for Murder(1956)

James Ross:

They Don’t Dance Much(1940)

Joseph Shearing:

So Evil My Love(1947)

Edna Sherry:

Sudden Fear(1948)

Jim Thompson:

The Getaway(1958)

The Grifters(1963)

A Hell of a Woman(1954)

The Killer Inside Me(1952)

Pop 1280(1964)

The Rip-Off(1989)

Savage Night(1953)

A Swell Looking Babe(1954)

Wild Town(1957)

Harry Whittington:

You’ll Die Next!

Charles Willeford:

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Miami Blues (1984)

New Hope for the Dead (1985)

Sideswipe (1987)

The Way We Die Now (1988)

The Shark-Infested Custard(first published 1993)

Wild Wives(1987)

The Woman Chaser (1960)

Charles Williams:

Hill Girl(1951)

Big City Girl(1951)

River Girl(1951)

Hell Hath No Fury(1953)

Nothing in her Way(1953)

Cornell Woolrich:

Four Novellas of Fear

I Married a Dead Man(1949)

The Black Angel(1943)

Night has a Thousand Eyes(1945)

Rendezvous In Black(1948)

4 responses to “Noir Fiction & Vintage Crime

  1. Hi:

    Do you know this guy: Giorgio Scerbanenco? I’ve got A Private Venus coming soon.


    • Yes I’ve heard of him. I’ve been waiting for a translation and then, since I’m on the Melville House list, I received the e-mail about the new releases.

      • Ah, yes…I bought something from Melville, and they sent me a ‘coupon’. When I tried to use it to buy Venus, it didn’t work. Oh well, the library had it!

  2. I got a kick out of this – a film noir event at Trinity Church, NYC.

    Side Street has its denouement right down the street from Trinity.

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