Noir Fiction & Vintage Crime

in progress

Black wings has my angel

Clifton Adams:

Death’s Sweet Song(1955)

Whom Gods Destroy(1953)

Nigel Balchin:

Mine Own Executioner(1945)

Fredric Brown:

The Screaming Mimi(1949)

Gerald Butler:

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands(1940)

Vera Caspary:



The Lady in Mink(1946)

The Man who Loved his Wife(1966)

Stranger than Truth(1946)

Raymond Chandler:

Killer in the Rain(1935)

James Hadley Chase:

No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1939)

The Dead Stay Dumb (1941)

But A Short Time to Live (1951)

The Things Men Do (1953)

A Coffin from Hong Kong (1962)

There’s a Hippie on the Highway (1970)

Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead (1976)

James M. Cain:

The Cocktail Waitress(posthumous 2012)

The Magician’s Wife(1965)

Elliott Chaze:

Black Wings Has My Angel(1953)

Celia Dale:

A Helping Hand (1966)

Act of Love (1969)

A Dark Corner (1971)

The Innocent Party (1973)

Helping With Inquiries  (1979)

Sheep’s Clothing (1988)

Richard Deming:

Kiss and Kill (1960)

Lester Dent:

Lady Afraid(1948)

Philip Dick:

Humpty Dumpty in Oakland(completed 1960)

Celia Fremlin:

The Hours Before Dawn (1958)

Uncle Paul(1959)

Seven Lean Years (1961)

Prisoner’s Base (1967)

Possession (1969)

Appointment With Yesterday (1972)

The Echoing Stones (1993)

Listening in the Dusk (1990)

King of the World (1994)


Erle Stanley Gardner:

The Knife Slipped(1939)

Turn on the Heat(1940)

The Count of 9(1958)

Martin Goldsmith:


David Goodis:

The Burglar(1953)

Dark Passage(1946)


William Lindsay Gresham:

Nightmare Alley (1946)

Richard Hallas:

You Play the Black and Red Comes Up(1938)

Mike Heller:

So I’m a Heel(1957)

Marty Holland:

The Glass Heart (1946)

Geoffrey Homes:

Build My Gallows High(1946)

Dorothy Hughes:

The Expendable Man(1963)

Ride the Pink Horse(1946)

Gerald Kersh:

Night and the City(1938)

Prelude to a Certain Midnight(1947)

Sherwood King:

If I Die Before I Wake(1938)

Jonathan Latimer:

Solomon’s Vineyard(1941)

The Lady in the Morgue (1936)

Ira Levin:
A Kiss Before Dying (1953)

Horace McCoy:

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1948)

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?(1935)

I Should Have Stayed Home(1938)

William P. McGivern:

The Big Heat(1953)

Ross Macdonald:

The Moving Target: Lew Archer 1 (1949)

The Drowning Pool (1950) Lew Archer 2

The Ivory Grin (1952) Lew Archer 4

Meet Me at the Morgue (1953)

Find a Victim (1954) Lew Archer 5

The Barbarous Coast (1956) Lew Archer 6

The Doomsters (1958) Lew Archer 7

The Galton Case (1959) Lew Archer 8

The Wycherley Woman (1961) Lew Archer 9

The Zebra Striped Hearse (1962) Lew Archer 10

The Chill (1964) Lew Archer 11

The Far Side of the Dollar (1964) Lew Archer 12.

Black Money (1966) Lew Archer 13

The Underground Man (1971) Lew Archer 16

Margaret Millar:

Ask for Me Tomorrow (1976)

Beast in View(1955)

The Listening Walls(1959)

Vanish in an Instant (1952)

Richard Prather:

Case of the Vanishing Beauty(1950)

Strip for Murder(1956)

James Ross:

They Don’t Dance Much(1940)

Joseph Shearing:

So Evil My Love(1947)

Edna Sherry:

Sudden Fear(1948)

Julian Symons 

The Colour of Murder (1957)

The Belting Inheritance (1964)

Something like a Love Affair (1992)

Jim Thompson:

The Getaway(1958)

The Grifters(1963)

A Hell of a Woman(1954)

The Killer Inside Me(1952)

Pop 1280(1964)

The Rip-Off(1989)

Savage Night(1953)

A Swell Looking Babe(1954)

Wild Town(1957)

Harry Whittington:

You’ll Die Next!

Charles Willeford:

High Priest of California (1953)

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Miami Blues (1984)

New Hope for the Dead (1985)

Sideswipe (1987)

The Way We Die Now (1988)

The Shark-Infested Custard(first published 1993)

Wild Wives(1987)

The Woman Chaser (1960)

Charles Williams:

Hill Girl(1951)

Big City Girl(1951)

River Girl(1951)

Hell Hath No Fury(1953)


Nothing in her Way(1953)

Cornell Woolrich:

Four Novellas of Fear

I Married a Dead Man(1949)

The Black Angel(1943)

Night has a Thousand Eyes(1945)

Rendezvous In Black(1948)


4 responses to “Noir Fiction & Vintage Crime

  1. Hi:

    Do you know this guy: Giorgio Scerbanenco? I’ve got A Private Venus coming soon.


    • Yes I’ve heard of him. I’ve been waiting for a translation and then, since I’m on the Melville House list, I received the e-mail about the new releases.

      • Ah, yes…I bought something from Melville, and they sent me a ‘coupon’. When I tried to use it to buy Venus, it didn’t work. Oh well, the library had it!

  2. I got a kick out of this – a film noir event at Trinity Church, NYC.

    Side Street has its denouement right down the street from Trinity.

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