Anthony Trollope: Barsetshire and Beyond

A work in progress

Anthony Trollope’s books categorised according to the Trollope Society:

The Barset Novels:

The Warden

Barchester Towers

Doctor Thorne

Framley Parsonage

The Small House at Allington

The Last Chronicle of Barset 

The Comic Novels:

The Belton Estate

The Claverings

The Dramatic Novels:

The Vicar of Bullhampton

Is He Popenjoy?

Cousin Henry

Lady Anna

The Irish Novels:

The Overseas Novels:

John Caldigate

The Palliser Novels:

Can You Forgive Her?

The Short Stories

The Non Fiction Novels

4 responses to “Anthony Trollope: Barsetshire and Beyond

  1. Gill Price

    I’m reading Framley Parsonage at the moment. It is a lovely novel and I am three quarters of the way through. Trollope is a master story teller and the mark of his genius is that he does not need to resort to sex and violence to make his stories interesting.

  2. Do you have a favourite Trollope novel?

    • Gill Price

      Yes, Framley Parsonage. So far I’ve read The Warden, Barchester Chronicles, and Dr Thorne. At the moment I’m reading The Small House at Allington

  3. I love Trollope; I have read all of his novels with one exception. I have reread many of them. I look forward to reading your reviews.

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